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October 26, 2014

Finishing Normal Force Lab

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So I have been getting behind posting and can’t quite remember what we did…  and one class is still behind the other by a day – and it is confusing me!  But anyway, my 2nd class did the wrap up Gravity talk the day after the 1st class did, and they did very well.  They almost all answered that the Force of Gravity on the book was more than the crumpled paper (because it has more mass).  And they all answered they would hit the ground at the same time, and many of them had the right reason too!  (See photo!  I could have cried that answer made me so happy!)  We also finished up the Scale Lab and whiteboarded it – I think they are doing fairly well.  More practice on vertical only net force problems, then next week will will add friction and horizontal forces.

photo 1 photo 2



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